The 160' aluminum-hulled yacht, GALLANT LADY, has a 6'10" draft that permits close-in intra-coastal cruising and extraordinary beach access for a large yacht. Full story.   image

The 161’ Gallant Lady with an aluminum hull and composite superstructure defines causal elegance. In order to accommodate the Owner’s requests for close-in intra-coastal cruising she draws a mere 6'10" draft and is capable of extraordinary beach access for a yacht of this size.

Long window openings ending in ovals create a distinctive profile and dramatic interior features. Exquisite control of proportion and line maintains harmony between the four decks. What truly distinguishes Gallant Lady, however, is the inspired flow and relationship of space. A formal salon opens to one of gracious informality; a single staircase transports guests from the grandeur of the foyer to the intimacy of the sundeck lounge. The yacht’s traffic flow is unique. Two separate stair towers each connect three decks, as does the interior crew stairs. Outside, discontinuous stairways link the exterior spaces from stern to crow’s nest, moving traffic both fore and aft.

Among the most detailed and beautiful interiors ever devised Gallant Lady’s won the 2000 Showboats International Award for Best Motor Yacht Interior. A deep, satin-finished African mahogany is used throughout the interior, which features joinery, inlays, and signature three-dimensional panels. Most of the stone is granite, adding beautiful color and greater versatility. The beauty of the ample stonework conceals that it is veneered over near-weightless substrates, keeping weight down.

Gallant Lady delivers the ultimate in quiet, vibration-free cruising. To ensure the peacefulness of the four suites, their floors and walls are suspended from the yacht’s structural frame on special vibration-absorbing mounts. Sound is further dampened through high-tech construction techniques that employ a sandwich of acoustic materials. The padded, silk wall coverings above the mahogany chair rail are the final element in play, soaking up any last traces of ambient noise. The curved wall at the back of the stair column not only looks beautiful, but beneath the silk upholstery are space-age materials absorbing noise that might otherwise travel between decks. This classy Lady combines the best of new technology and traditional beauty.

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